SwellPro Waterproof SPLASH DRONE 3 Review – Part 2 Flight Test – Ocean Proof?


Enjoy part 2 of my Splash Drone 3 review. Get it here Fisherman payload release edition Wind Gauge …


  1. Hi Dustin, first time viewer here. I watched this entire vid. Was blown away by your narration. Love your passion for flying. I've never even heard of this drone until now ! Was seriously impressed with this. My initial thought was that this thing isn't cheap. Absouluty loved the scenery. You are definitely living the dream. How long have you lived in Hawaii ? I've never been there till now ๐Ÿ™‚ Incredible !!! My 3 year dream has been to own the Mavic Pro. I've never graduated from the toy grade quads. I have the XS809HW. Not bad for toy grade. I've actually had dreams of owning a Mavic. I've been to Best buy Several time's, just to see it up close, lol. So close yet so far. Which do you like better, this or the Mavic ? Thanks again for a Spectacular review. Liked and Subscribed. Probably the best review I've seen to date. Cheer's from Clinton twp Michigan..

  2. Great review!! My kids went crazy at your chicks (we had some before moving down to DC)! Do you have an offline way of contact? I wanted to pick your brain about Maui. Mahalo! – Corey

  3. I'm researching which drone to get to do drone fishing. This was not on drone fishing but it is a great video. I'm going to watch your fisherman payload trelease video. Wish you had a link to your unboxing video. I'll look for it. Again. Thanks for the great video.

  4. this is awesome! just found your channel definitely got my sub. I miss Maui! looking to buy a condo there soon. I love how Maui is super drone friendly compared to Oahu. keep it up.

  5. Hello Dustin,
    I know it's been 11 months since you did this test but it seems to me that if the gimble mount was 2 inches longer dropping the camera down another 2 inches, the center of gravity in water would change and automatically flip the drone over.

  6. Make sense not to work when upside down, otherwise it will pull itself under water! Flipping it requires a combination of moves with joysticks and moving the camera to extreme to one side…to alter the balance! Just my opinion


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