Super Stable HS170 Predator RC Quadcopter Drone Review


Link to the HS170 Predator – The Predator quadcopter is all around a great quality quadcopter for both beginners and experienced pilots. I’ll go over the transmitter,…


  1. I just bought one. My only prior experience with a drone is the TDR Sky Beetle (same as the HS190 foldable). But this one is tough to fly. I bought it because of all the great video reviews I saw, a great beginner drone. Looks like it flies around great. I've been playing with the trim just to try to get a decent hover. As soon as it started to lift off the ground it would start moving right/rear. I zeroed the gyros too, but it still needs plenty of trimming. After I do make it climb then when I move the right stick any direction, it just dives and when I give it throttle it climbs to the ceiling (I'll stick to indoors at first), then I have to keep backing off the throttle to get it down and then it goes down to the floor. Very difficult to control. And I know not to over control it. I'm giving it small inputs.

  2. Does anyone know what props this uses? Got one as a gift and would like to have some more props. The Hubsan branded (x4) blades are a little smaller and create less lift/control (to my reckoning anyway) as well as causing the engines to spin faster/whine at a higher pitch.

    Holy Stone does not have them on their website, and though I purchased some from Amazon purporting to be HS, what I got were a bunch of Hubsan blades.

    Great video! Helped me make my mind up about which one I wanted to ask for as a gift.

  3. If I were thinking about getting a few extra batteries for my predator where would I go to look? Please let me know what you think and maybe you even could hook me up with a link right to the page with the batteries! Also, I loved you're video, keep it up!

  4. Sorry not related to video but, have you had a HUGE price increase of horizon hobby products other in the U.S? Nearly every product has gone up £30 for cars and £30-£40 for planes! Super annoying as it's not really worth buying anymore.


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