Sunrise Photography and Crete by Quad


Sunrise photography is where I’m at my best, and I love it! I’m in Crete, Greece for today’s photography vlog. Crete is turning out to be much more photogenic …


  1. Hi Brendan, i donโ€™t know if anybody else has suggested it but you should try to do a crossing of the Samaria gorge. It is very beautiful and its exit is an amazing location. Also check out the palm forrest of Vai. I am not sure though if itโ€™s still in itโ€™s full glory coz there was a fire a few years ago. But it used to be stunning.

  2. I concur Brendan, the photo at 5.22 is 'mechanical ' I think it is because of the due types of surface running to the horizon. The dark surface is the offending party here and it is a shame really as the light is just amazing

  3. I'm so excited to see you exploring our home! If you think these beaches were cool, you aint seen nothing yet ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Sorry for insisting, but: get out of Heraklion!)
    Also, I saw some people suggesting astro photos? The south-west side of the island has minimal to no light pollution. My bf specifically is currently visiting Gavdos island (southest part of Europe), he called me two nights ago to tell me he could see the Milky Way with his own bare eyes! Anyways.. Have fun guys!

  4. Enjoyed the video. I read that someone inquired about the orange L bracket that you use on your camera. I have been doing photography for forty years and last month I purchased the L bracket before a trip to the Great Smoky Mountains. I have purchased a lot of things that were supposed to make photography easier or me a better photographer; most have found there way into one of those bags that was supposed to be the best bag you could buy. LOL The L bracket is the best "add on" I have purchased. It makes going from horizontal to vertical when using a tripod incredibly easy, helps to protect my camera body when I use a sling strap, is not that expensive nor heavy and is truly one piece of kit that I really would not want to give up. Could not be more happy. Thanks to you and Thomas Heaton for turning me on to this. Keep up the fantastic work.

  5. Thanks for getting to Bali Brendan – it's lovely to see the place again. No, there was no bouncy sea castle and much fewer sunbeds on the beach 21 years ago! We used to head to a cocktail bar at the beach right at the foot of the old town for evening cocktails with the Med lapping our feet ๐Ÿ™‚
    We should go back there one day really. Thank you so much again. Nick & Lisa


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