Sunlytech (Sandy Air) Alpha Cam GPS 4K Selfie FPV Camera Drone Flight Test Review


This highly portable little selfie FPV quadcopter includes GPS, 4K camera, and electronic image stabilization that works relatively well. Find it here …


  1. Hello Friend. Bought in August and I was disappointed. It loses the signal and it flies wildly without destination, even though it is 5m distant from me. One year after launch, Sunlytech has not updated the features it promised. Their facebook is also very outdated and does not respond to email.

  2. I smell OneagoFly 1Plus clone! I especially recognize the heat issues from reviews of that particular drone.
    Maybe it's politics, there seems to be a whole lot of kickstarter-investors being screwed by OneagoFly for never having received their pre-paid models.

  3. Hi thank you for your test review video. We noticed there's a subtitle about "app crashed" round 14'04". Could you describe the details when it happened? So that I can forward the problem to the technician guys, thank you so much!


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