Striker Drone general flight review


This is the Striker Drone from World Tech Toys, general information and flight review, if your looking for longer flight times ditch the camera very easy to remove, I was using it the entire…


  1. These are little tanks in the sky!!! They fly great, good flight times with higher mah bats, and pretty decent cameras with sound. I only wish, all manufacturers would agree on a common "red" led rear and green "led" forward facing standard. As a boater, I understand how critical is to know what direction any watercraft is moving near you; with standards for port & starboard color lights, to avoid collisions.

  2. Mine will be here monday… Will be my first quad… I have a huge field behind my house, so I hope I have a less of a chance of losing it, because I plan on maxing out the range

  3. This drone sucks! I got one that had problems right out of the box. Tried to email issues to WTT, and no email responses back after a couple attempts. DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS MANUFACTURE.

  4. I just got one of these for Christmas and tried flying it indoors before going outside and it likes to wobble all over the place. It will ascend, then descend and go every direction. Although it doesn't turn randomly. I always start on a flat surface. I am not sure if this is normal or what I can do. I tried calibrating but the movements are a bit too random to adjust. Thanks for any help.

  5. I am having trouble with my Striker. it flew fine the day I purchased it. I replaced the blades with the green ones in the box and ever since that the drone will not take off and seems to be tilting in one direction when I try. any feedback is appreciated. thank you.

  6. Thank you for your reviews for World tech toys I have purchased the Wraith and the Striker spy drone live feed and They are both just what you said they were keep them coming Bro

  7. I thought this drone was a toy when I first got it….not so. Durable, controllable. I bought NE-BA931 batteries($6) but needed to change polarity in the connectors…took one minute. Nice control Jay Drone, I'm working on that. Mostly I've been letting it drift with the wind and going for altitude and slowly turning for a pan of the landscape.

  8. Jay, I just got this in today and this is not an X5 clone…it flies much, much better in wind than the X5C. According to UAV forecaster winds here today at 3 PM were around 11 m.p.h. and it handled it with no problems. I would probably not even get my X5 off the ground in this. I paid $21 shipped for this and it is a great flyer. I was also able to fly it with my modded Devo 7e radio using a CX10 Green Board protocol and reversed elevator. As another plus, Syma camera is plug n play on this…you can buy a 2.4 ghz wifi fpv camera right now on Ebay for $21.50…that and your phone and you have fpv. Warning though, 2.4 ghz Syma FPV cameras are not the best in the world and performance is highly dependant on wifi interference and the speed of your phone. It could also affect the range of control on the quad. The Syma 5.8 GHZ system would also work on this, but to be honest, it is a little heavy for this size quad at about 24 grams.


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