Stock Market for Beginners! | How to Invest in Stocks!


Stock Market for beginners is a helpful video. How to invest in stocks should be known by everyone. On the financial education channel we know how to invest in …


  1. It's always been surprising to me that people are always waiting to be told what to do with their money. This is probably because schools fail to teach true financial education. This is probably what big banks and financial services, such as this youtube channel, want. Your ignorance is part of their financial plan to make money. Most people seek advice from brokers, and salespeople like this guy, or financial tv show's – people who profit from giving advice, NOT education. That's why Warren Buffet said, "Wall Street is the only place that people can ride to in a Rolls Royce to get advice from those who take the subway." Stop taking advice from this guy, or keep taking it. It's your money, not mine. Have a great day everyone!

  2. I'm only 15 so I'm not there yet but I really want to go into the stock markets so this helped so much planning it for when I get there so thank you so much. Also I'm going to buy the intelligent investor book already just to prepare

  3. I am just starting out and your video is the most informative I've seen so far, so starting tomorrow I'm taking notes and getting started as you've instructed.
    Thanks I needed this.
    Later I'll let you know just how well I did.
    Bless you!!

  4. I think you are right putting in the work is key. Reading 10-Ks of companies, listening to the recorded company meetings, reading about the company, reviewing the news to see what is being published about the companies all important things.

  5. I have different method of investing that have served me well. If everyone learn to read chart patterns, then the fundamental research he spoke of is not necessary. Everything is in the chart pattern. Please come and see my trades in my channel. Not selling anything, but sharing. I think it is easier to learn chart pattern investing than the fundamental method


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