Star Wars T-65 X-Wing Battle Drone – Propel | Unboxing & Review


TIMECODES: 1. Intro (00:00) 2. Unboxing (02:15) 3. What’s Inside (03:33) 4. Setup (10:21) 5. Test Flight (13:04) 6. Flying (With Controller Cam) (21:10) 7.


  1. I have the collector's versions wit the music playing box and two spare batteries, paid it new 49 euros on Amazon. I like it in terms of aesthetics but it get boring fast flying it, even on fast mode. Still it looks great on my desk.

  2. Mine came with 2 batteries… and I have the older version.. 1.0. Problem with the storage case version like I have, is you need to remove the props to put it in the case… so if you want to put it in and out of the case… your ganna have a hard time.

  3. Cool video. Ilove these drones. However ireceived each drone with damaged boxes and one missing abunch of parts.i was so so sad. I cried. Iwanted them so so badly. Was super bummed out igot damaged items. Sad

  4. You do a decent job on your reviews i do have to point out your negative opinions on sum of the details is kinda a blemish on your intelligence since you make the assumptions without totally reading the operating manual yet criticize the item. Your actually the one reviewing the item so unless your 100% sure about the battery life.. since you allow the toy to function off the battery for multiple minutes then fly it saying it only lasts 5minutes.. and also mentioning the swaying motion which is adjustable with the trim functioning buttons. I really wanted to point that out to your reviewing skills for future examples you omit. Since its not the toy its your learning experience which should contain more attention before final reviews online. Details… details.. get'm right. Ya do a great job other then that. Keep it up as i'm sure your followed by many. Enjoy & thanks


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