Star Trails Photography Tutorial: Take Pictures at Night


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  1. Just bought the
    How to Create Stunning Digital Photography, and the two recommendations that goes with it… I look forward to using and will be commenting on them, thanks for the video tutorial.

  2. Not to go off topic, but shooting star strails proves that the earth is flat. Supposedly the earth is spinning, and that means your tripod is too (unless you're at the exact north pole). So how on earth, if your tripod is spinning for several hours, does Polaris stay a centred dot? It should be a U-shaped smere, because you're camera and tripod have shifted position.
    The only way your fixed tripod and camera can keep Polaris centred, no matter what latitude you're at, is if the stars rotate around you, with Polaris being the centre of rotation.
    The earth is stationary, and the sky is one, giant rotating something lol

  3. Hi Tony! I am a regular follower of your page and videos. I really liek your videos, they are amazing. I have a question regarding this star trails image. How did you insert a different foreground in this photo? did you use photoshop for that? Is there another tutorial for that process? I am a budding photographer and I am really into this field now. Thanks a lot for reading this.

  4. hello.

    thank you for yours vidoes.

    i'm very new in all about camera pitcture… but like yours videos. when you say you clean the lens when mist on it. how you "stop" picture while cleaning?

    thank you;


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