SPC Maker GF 95 | Grayson Customized Micro Race Drone


SPC Maker is to actually going to modify the 95GF to offer a GRAYSON EDITION. SPC Make made all of our suggested upgrades and modifications to make this …


  1. A typhoon in Asia and a hurricane in Florida. Has everything messed up lol. But don't worry guys I took my 210 build for a maiden last week and guess what I did…. clipped a power line. Lmao. I'm lucky tho, it fell a good 50 foot straight into concrete. Only scratched my frame and a very small dent in my lipo, and bent a prop.
    Btw I killed my Qx90c again, same issue but a diff motor, ripped he connector off the board. Oh well my brushless quads are up and running and I'll work on the Qx90c later lol


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