SPC Maker 95X Fpv Racing Drone – REVIEW, LOS, & FPV FLIGHTS


Just went crazy with the 95X! New review of the SPC Maker 95X micro brushless fpv racing drone. A small 2S 500mah battery brings big performance to this little …


  1. hi mr Justin Davis…i need your help I'm a new beginner trying to improve my skills about drones and the first trouble that i got it's setting up  the Taranis with the simulator FPV FREE RIDER …i have a macbook pro which i can't bind my taranis with it. i just bound the Taranis with the orange wireless USB and that's all. after that when i want to synchronize the joystick with the FPV FREE RIDER  APP it doesn't work. i don't know what the mistake is … I'm going crazy hahaha right now …id like you to suggest something about it …pls step by step .. thank you !

  2. Powerful speech in the beginning of your video brother! Absolutely right on with what life is about and how everyone should be living. Took me a few years to realize this and life gets easier when you realize how to help others

  3. Looks like a fine little quad! I might have to put this on my Christmas list! Thanks for posting, and your tribute to CB is noteworthy! I think God needed a good front man and called Charles home…

  4. Justin, I'm so glad I found your channel. Your channel rocks. As a drone videographer I'm always focusing on the shot. But now I can just live through you when I want to let go lol. I will eventually get a racing drone with the VR headset.

  5. I know you get this all the time, but I want to get in to ACRO flying. I'm pretty good with LOS on horizon mode (NONFPV) but, want to FPV ACRO. More trick flying than racing. What is a good strong learner quad to use? Looking something that can take a crash but, be powerful enough that it will last a while. Wind here averages about 5 to 10 MPH. Thanx in advance, love your videos.

  6. I think the camera looks fine.
    I would just leave it.
    Coming with a case and 2 batts makes the price a little more viable. This is s fast little bugger…. wow!
    These 25mw VTX's are okay for most but I wish manufacturers would really move more towards switchable vtx's in these micros. Great one!

  7. Thank you for enlightening me to an artist that I am not happy to say that I had not heard of. So today not only you have shown me another new drone, but given enlightenment on some culture. Bravo Mr. Davis.


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