SpaceX Falcon 9 F9-0023 (CRS-8) Drone Camera Landing – Zoomed


Zoom of SpaceX’s 4K video from the drone watching the CRS-8 first stage landing, zoomed in 2x in each dimension so 1080P.


  1. wow, just AMAZING
    really one of the best achievements of human kind …
    this is history …. incredible… SpaceX is done something so so so great, so big, so amazing, so important for the future of space exploration that we can not value everything just now…. people will need time to understand and get the value of this rocket landing.

    … Falcon landed in a small barge , in the middle of the sea, with big waves and wind swinging the barge but they did it….

    … did you noted that the Falcon slip from the center of the barge, a kind of small bumps, 2 or 3 until he stop completely


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