Space Engineers Tutorial: Build A Planetary Mining Ship (Part 2 of a survival tutorial series)


This tutorial focuses on the most important part of your early survival in Space Engineers: getting an atmospheric mining ship up and running. This will guide you through all of the basics…


  1. I do all but for some reasons after a little while (I think is because all the rocks make the ship too much heavy) the ship got incontrollable, and you cant go up and back so i actually my ship is stuck in a iron mine, im going to put some eyector for quit the stone.

  2. So without thinking, I have mined 30k of each ore, and put each of them into the refinery (Uranium was 50k though).

    Im still on cobalt (The first ore) and its only at 29k

  3. I think the tutorial is great, really helped me understand how they can be built but for the love of god. Please slow down, I had to backtrack the video countless times because everything just passes by way too fast. Could be something to think about for any following tutorials.

  4. I think you have a great vid here, i can pause and rewind to see that which i missed. there must have been an update that killed the design. I made it same as yours but now I get 10m in the ground if that, and bits keep falling off the ship so i get stuck down in the hole. 🙁 or is there an option that keeps the ship together better?

  5. You should make a tutorial in survival on goin from the planet to space and capturing a abandoned ship and bringing it back to base everyone seems to just chop up ships out in space

  6. Dude i made my own mining ship in creative but it’s a drone and it’s tiny with a remote block and a camera but since remote block was expensive I made sure before I even started my survival to make a maned version so it won’t cost too much

  7. I thought this was a good ship design, so I thought I’d make it as an atmospheric explorer without the drills and with a fighter cockpit. I’ve got to the battery stage and it only has one blue light, dies after ten or so minutes and the ship won’t except uranium. Is it because of the fighter cockpit or lack of drills. Or do I need to take the ship apart because one of the f@#%ing conveyors is on the wrong way round?

  8. Hi Splitzie.

    I followed you tutorial, and i did the whole thing right ( i think! ) but my ship is out of power..? I tried to put Uranium into the reactors, but it wouldnt accept the Uranium?. I just simply cant drag them into the reactors? ( and all the reactors, batteries and the connector is red.. I tried to press Y multiple times in the cockpit but it just simply, didnt work..) How can i fix this? Please help me.

    By far, the best tutorial series i've ever seen! <3

  9. Wow! This is very hard to follow. If you lay certain blocks without welding them, it’s tough to see which way round they are. You have to lock your eyes on a specific block and wait till it’s complete to determine which way round it is. Then rewind for the next block.

    At exactly 4:18 you place a small half block on top. You don’t mention what it is or which way round it goes, and it doesn’t come into view again until 4:58. Where it is complete.

    My brain hurts.

  10. I always learn something new from your videos. Thank you. Something as simple as putting small lights on the side of the miner to see the walls better never occurred to me before this video. Thanks for the inspiration. Keep up the great work.

  11. Hi, I just wanted to thank you for the video, I've been playing about 40 hours now and adapted this design for a couple of my own ships, I made a slightly larger planetary miner and then figured I could adapt the design to try to get into space.

    I managed to launch into space first time barely lol turning the upwards hydrogen on and off while the speed dropped, The system I made refueled the tanks enough to keep climbing by repeating the process.

    All in all very pleased, She's not pretty, but she works lol

  12. Thanks to you I ended up looking up Space Engineers more, bought it and after I managed to make this small miner with some differences, I realized what great potential this game has. Thank you so much Splitsie for this tutorial series =) Subscribed.


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