Space Engineers: Attack of the Drones – Uncooperative Survival #19


We return to the war against the drones, and with the Sky Donut currently under enemy occupation we try to put our recent holodeck creations to use, and as is inevitable come under enemy fire…


  1. Sadly in the US you can only watch Discovery on CBS all access which from what ive heard isnt very good as the lowest tier (of the two there is) they still play ads on the shows that are there which currently is only Discovery

  2. @w4stedspace if you guys ever continue the se story playthrough, will you be using the drone mod? it seems to fit pretty well. AND it would be a surprise, AND you won't have to control it! and you STILL have the ability to make and control drones, if you want a more dramatic encounter with AN droid! XD lol but seriously. i think that would be cool. unless you DON'T want random stuff in it.

  3. 200 NOK is 25.8946 USD or just 25.8 USD. you're welcome. X3 also norwegian greetings are, amoung others: hei, hallo, and god dag (which means good day) the moooore you knooooooooow! and knowing is half the battle! G.I.JOOOOOOOEEEEEE!!!

  4. You guys may not have lost part of the base if wasted had actually turned on the bases turret when he messed with it. He turned on the smart turret settings but never turned on the turret block itself.

  5. Tex I think you should remove that hanger on the 'Good Intentions' because you guys don't use it, and replace that area with 2 large shields and maybe some more batteries. That should make the 'Good Intentions' much better suited to face off with those hive ships.

    As always great stream.

  6. (I'm only 1/4th of the way through the stream but just so I don't forget) Try using spaced armor in your roofs to lesson the damage from bombing. build three or four block stands then a layer of light armor, then three or four more blocks up and another layer. Use light armor as the purpose is only to distance the explosion. Sort of like a German Fangrost screens.

  7. if you put [TIM ammomagazin] on your turrets/guns, they will get filled with the right ammo automatically…
    balances the amount of ammo between the many turrets equally as well.

  8. With that Beam drill. the 2.86 GW is for the 800 meter range. The further the beam drills the more power it takes. so limit its range. you limit the amount of power it takes

  9. That Hive ship had lost enough turrets that you could safely approach it from its front-starboard angle and devour it from the inside outward. I didn't see if it had any interior turrets, but with the shields you had, you could withstand one or two of those plinking away for long enough that you could disable its power without taking damage.
    In short, while it was technically safe to salvage the Hive ship and get at all the goodies inside; it still would've meant spending time away from shoring up the base defenses while you had low resources (nothing to repair the Good Intentions with) and many things that could've gone wrong (such as surprise turrets and lunar orbital bombardment drones).

  10. +w4stedspace just a reminder to set up the battery script for your weapons when the lightningrod is rebuilt, alternatively a recommendation to add some high cycle low damage weapons such as gatlings for interception/strafes.

    Oh yeah, just got reminded about shields, small ship shields (large or small and no matter the quantity*) never come out well vs large grid weapons…

    *well, in any craft that is not basically made of them…

  11. By the by, Wasted, you can use the search bar in the inventory screen to not only look for contents, it also works for inventory names.
    Might help in case you're looking to see if your o2 generators have ice, or if you want to manually load a gun with ammo, or if you want to check that your turrets are all loaded up.

  12. RE: Modded guns not pulling. You can get round it, group them and drag that group to the shortcut bar and select the option "use conveyor system toggle". I have had to do this with CMDbobs weapons.

  13. I'm no modder, but I imagine the Build & Repair has become more performance-taxing because the mod author, instead of keeping it the nice and simple "extra engineer" it used to be, has gradually turned it into just a cheaper version of the Nanite Control mod. So instead of a few (if you could afford more than one) expensive Nanite controller, you have tons of cheap and almost equivocally powerful Bobs constantly checking their surroundings.

  14. Hey Lucas Massey, you should make some of the corruption drones be in the vanilla enemy faction and have them come up as vanilla ships so they don’t worry until the drones have blown up their ships/base

  15. Hey wasted? Could you give us an update on the group survival series? Nothing concrete, and no dates, just what's happening with it, and maybe mix it up with a channel talk explaining some stuff so that it's not just that? And don't think I'm demanding for its return! I love what you give us, and I'm just curious about what happened to GS

  16. W4sted you can also put turret controls for assuming control of different turrets on your hotbar – that way you can just switch turrets within seconds and not have to spend tons of crititical seconds in menus.

  17. You know w4sted, I have TIM in my multiplayer world with my brother. The way I have it set up is using general sorting tags on the cargo containers (components, hand tools etc), ingot numbers on the assemblers (300 of each ingot so the assemblers are always filled [TIM Ingot: 300] that tag on each assembler), TIM ore tags with a reasonable number on the tag for the refineries/arc furnaces, all my reactors have uranium tags so they are always filled up, and only specific cargo containers I don't want messed with have TIM locked on. You don't need TIM running on every ship, you just need well thought out tags in the control panel on every ship you have for use on the ship/station that does have TIM. TIM is smart enough to work with connected ships, it doesnt mess anything up if you connect ships that have and dont have TIM. If that makes sense. Just offering a thought, because this technique really works for me.

  18. W4sted, please don't have so many icon's and waypoint's open constantly. You can turn off the non-essential ones and leave 1 or 2 up. It's really breaking the atmosphere that SE and you guys create and is really annoying. I don't mean it to be mean, just a little bit of constructive criticism 🙂 It's a great series, and I really like it. Great work.


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