Sous Vide KOJI RICE Experiment – Dry Aging in 48hrs – Does it WORK?


You asked for it and today it’s the KOJI RICE EXPERIMENT test. We are going to find out if this is true or it’s just baloney! After many request from several …


  1. Ok. Just pulled the prime sirloin cap steaks out to get the koji rice off them. Crazy! It's like the rice acted as a tenderizer.
    The meat is darker and very soft compared to the other half of the steaks that came in the same package from costco. I wish I could upload pictures!

  2. I would be interested to see a triangle sensory test on :

    Koji steak – Sample A
    Dry aged steak – Sample B
    Dry aged steak – Sample C

    All for ninja to blind taste test.

    I would recommend freezing the steaks for 2 days… take two out of the three steak out for dry age for 28 days. At the 25th day take out the last steak and koji marinade it for 3 days.. and cook them together for the taste test.


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