YES, yes! Tomahawk Chicken Fried STEAK Sous Vide. WOW why didn’t I think of this before! I have to say this is absolutely AMAZING! The flavor of this is …


  1. my only concerns with making a tomohawk this way is that you never let the meat develop its own color by searing it, almond flour wont retain crunchiness the way that you would want it to, and the resting juices from the steak would alsodestroy the breading on the bottom. also its chicken fried steak because its steak inthe style of fried chicken

  2. I did this to a filet.. BUT what I did was basically did a beef Wellington an instead of puff pasteri I "chicken fried" style to it and that was the freaking bomb

  3. It's chicken fried steak because you are cooking beef like you would fried chicken. It came from midwest German immigrants, who would make their version of wiener schnitzel. Commonly served with white gravy.

  4. I’m wondering if you could sous vide at a rare temp, then get a slight sear on the Komodo joe for flavor, THEN chicken fry. This way you get the awesome charcoal flavor with the breading. Call me crazy!

  5. Hi Guga! I´ve started experimenting myself with Sous Vide but cant get that beefy and juicy taste that i did when i only seared the meat in a pan like i did before i started with sous vide, any tips on how to get it somewhat closer to that?

  6. Chicken fried steak is made with cube steak, the cheapest cut you can get and is served with a white pepper gravy. I'm sorry to say you wasted a perfectly great Tomahawk chop. It tasted good as you said but what you made is more of beef cutlet than a chicken fried steak. LOL

  7. I'm from Texas so I am very particular about my chicken fried steak! Chicken fried steak was originated because poor southern people had to find a way to make cheap cuts of meat taste good. It is usually made with round steak, tenderized by pounding it thin then battering it and frying, preferably in a cast iron skillet. Then you serve it with mashed potatoes and smother everything in white country gravy. Then and only then is it a chicken fried steak.

  8. i use water with my eggs instead of milk when i fry chicken, maybe you should do a video on whether water or milk works better. from what i hear, the water helps to break apart the whites and makes the egg mixture thinner, which makes the breading stick to chicken better.

  9. hey guys you all motivated me to buy and try sous vide but i have a question if anybody can help me my anova keeps dropping in temp for some reason ill set it to 135 and after 30min it randomly starts to drop in temp to 129 and lower =(

  10. i wish SVE uploaded more xD i know thats a crazy request but imagine if they did. ive never paid for a kickstarter/patreon/etc. but if there was such a thing to finance more videos per week i would do it 100% cos i visit the channel almost every day. its such a good channel.

  11. Hey guys! Me and my girl and new to the sous vide and our “local” meat store is sams club. We buy in bulk quite often and vacuum seal what we’re not eating rite away. So with that being said how do you guys feel about seasoning the mean and vacuum packing to eat at a later date? Thanks for all the awesome ideas! Always look forward to each and every video!


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