Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 In Depth: Drone Tutorial


Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Season Pass: This video is sponsored by CI Games (the publisher). Welcome to the first episode of SGW3 In Depth!


  1. 2:20. What kind of bullet kills a guy dead from hitting his arm. Why C.I game could not have made it where if you hit an enemy in the arm they don’t die but maybe they have to re adjust and use a hand gun now that his arm has been shot. To me this game is better than sniper elite 4. But I did love when I shot someone in the arm he would go down in pain and another solder would go get him and carry him away. Now that is what C.I should have done in this game. PURE LAZINESS. But still not a bad game. Great video as well

  2. this game is awesome , I bought it to kill people , had three hard crashes and is pretty buggy when you scope. The graphics are not worthy of 2017 graphics. I bought season pass edition. I like the game it's realistic and fun it reminds me of rainbow six terrorist hunt.

  3. At first I wondered why Driftor is doing an in depth for this game even though everyone says it's trash, so then I thought "he must be sponsored." Looks like I was right. I know there will be people who will defend Driftor for this, and I understand. However, it's kinda a shame that he's willing to do a video on an otherwise bad game as long as the developers pay him to do it.


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