Sky Viper v950HD Video Drone High Definition Review TheRcSaylors


The Sky Viper V950HD Video Drone may be the first RC Quadcopter of this level of quality that can be bought at a store like Walmart and similar convenience …


  1. I love u guys and this video bc this us my first drone and u giys got me in to droning with this video too and i showed me alot with this video thank u keep doing amazing job

  2. Hey Guys! I like this video of yours because I bought the same drone after watching your guys video on it and I lost it in the tree, which was in our neighborhood in someone'ss yard and they never gave our drone back.
    Legend says, "the drone is still hanging in the tree somewhere"

  3. You guys are my new go-to for drone reviews!
    I've had this Sky Viper v950hd video drone for about a year-and-a-half two years now and it's still one of my favorite to charge up and take out flying.

  4. Haha seen these at a drug store today $30 mini, $50 no camera & $70 with camera….and the TX are different that shown here…updated and much nicer…in fact the tx is what intrigued me…n the barrel role and pre programmed "stunts"….but the price…yea…not happening when banggood, geekbuying and gearbest exist with all the better cheaper options available…cool that you got a video on it though!

  5. hey guys thanks for the video. I have the stunt version sky viper. those are great quads. you guys do great work thanks a lot. have you guys done a review on the autel x star premium? I know you guys do the smaller ones, but would love your opinion on it.

  6. I got this for Christmas and I want to give a major warning, TOOTHPICKS ARE MORE DURABLE! I flew it once and it broke…. in my living room so nothing crazy… BUYER BEWARE!

  7. I just wanna start off by saying I love your videos! I bought this for my first video quadcopter and for a couple days I loved it. After about 4 flights I started having a lot of problems with it. I was having a great flight and then it just started flying straight for the ground and ultimately crashed. It never flew right after that so I returned it not once but twice having issues right out of the box. I will say it had better a camera quality than my JJRC H8D which is another tragic story. I bought my JJRC H8D next and it is fun to fly for the most part but sadly I have also had many issues with this quadcopter as well. I have replaced 8 – 10 motors already and the yaw to the right constantly acts up by turning super slow…I have had horrible luck up to this point. I decided it was time to stop messing around and just bought a Hubsan H109s x4 Pro low edition for my birthday present to myself, I have not received it yet but I have high hopes and am super excited! Just wanted to share my experience and keep up the good work!

  8. Nice video guys.Just got one of these for my 7year old daughter. she's already pulling off barrel roles. Camera is surprisingly clear. Neat little drone. Oh, enjoyed watching you fly as well!

  9. they have one of these at the discount surplus store at the end of my street for dirt cheap. (Open Box)
    I thought it looked too cheap but after watching this I am going to go grab it

  10. Have the same drone, just anyone looking to get one, note that the led lights are really hard to see at night so only ever fly during the day time. I have ended up using this for day flights and my otherย drone a V868Gย for night flights. Also one small thing that has bugged me with new fliers picking this up then complaining it wont work. Don't, do not fly this at sensitivity 3 for the first three flights otherwise you will burn out your motors. It is not the quad's design its just a good idea to ease into your first drone ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I have a few quad copters already but the kid in me couldn't resist when I seen it at toys r us. They have one that costs a little bit more than the one in this video. I just flew it and I wasn't impressed hence me looking for a review here on YouTube. Thank you… this answered a lot of questions for me. Now I have a stable machine. Had to ditch the camera and move my controls to 3.

  12. so i got one for my son and so far im having bad luck since it wont fly cause motor was burnt up brand new supposely in box but maybe ill get me a dji, or husban x4 pro lol. good video guys not bashing ur video


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