In this episode of Beyond Reviews, our host Blake receives a demo unit of the Sky Viper V2450 GPS Streaming Drone. Check out the review, tips and hands on!


  1. Very impressed with this review, thanks. Also impressed with your English. You sound like you grew up Stateside. I'm assuming you could have done this in Tagalog too.
    Will be watching more of your channel. Solid work.

  2. I don't like the screw either, but both of my toy camera drones with slide on battery compartments on the transmitters tend to open while I'm using them. Just got an xc5-1 today and it has the screw on the battery compartment. I'm liking it once the hassle of finding a screwdriver passes.

  3. It's not the wind. Mine did the same thing. I contacted the manufacturer and was told to calibrate the magnetometer. I did that and my V2450GPS took off on its' own and crashed into the top of a 75ft maple tree. The company basically said sorry our advise didn't help but tough luck. I'll never buy another Sky Viper product. I bought a DJI Mavic Air to replace it which turned out to be the best drone purchase I ever made.

  4. Kabayan, with the app setup and firmware updates done, at each initial power-up, let the GPS acquire its position and have it lock up to at least 4 to 6 satellites.

  5. Nice review! I love flying mine, when not flying my DJI drones. Make sure the propellers are on the correct shaft, I mixed mine up once, & would fly funny or not take off. It's pretty advanced, for a cheap drone…You can also program it & change its flight parameters.

  6. You are most likely getting reflections of the GPS signals when flying too close to buildings. I would agree that wind gusts will play havoc with such a light drone. Expect optimum performance in open fields on calm days.


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