Sky Viper Scout Drone Review


SkyViper Scout Video Drone Review Flight video & footage at the end. Get one here: …


  1. When connecting my android phone to the skyviper internet, it says the internet is unavailable. But on my sister's iphone it works. How can I fix the issue with my phone…?

  2. I just bought this drone for myself. I've never flown a drone before. Is it pretty easy to use for beginners such as myself without destroying it the first 5 minutes after takeoff?

  3. Have out if you can completely turn off flight assist? When I follow the instructions to go into high performance mode the remote responds and tells me that i am now in that mode, but when I lower the throttle all the way, the propellers are still going. I had a previous model before and when you stop using throttle, it would turn off. So now when i try to keep the drone from flying into trees, it doesn't just fall to the ground, it tries to hold its position.


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