Sky Viper m200 Nano Drone Review


Here’s a new nano that just hit the streets. Very well built with good quality plastics. Get it here Affiliate links: At no cost to you, I do receive a small commission…


  1. How is something huge "nano"? Greed just can't stand it HAVE to usurp terminology that does not qualify? When finally some actually teensy copters go on the market now what are they going to call them? "true miniature" Or "sub miniature " See this why government winds up getting involved with things because money grubbers abuse terminology ….like the fda had to actually finally specify per LAW what "frozen yogurt" is because unscrupulous tried to call any sweep cold goop "frozen yogurt"….what a crock calling these huge copters "nano"

  2. I received my drone in 2 delivery was exited because I couldn't wait to try the new features such as altitude hold and etc. Well it's either defective because I have been trying to calibrate it and all it does is hover up then takes off really fast to one side and crashes


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