Sky Viper Camera Drone Review. Stunt Quadcopter With Video Camera


Sky Viper Camera Drone Today we review a new Quadcopter from Skyrocket Toys – the Sky Viper Camera Drone. The Sky Viper …


  1. i bought this toy at toys r us and it was fine first but a day later I COULD NOT GET THE FLOCKING TRIM WORKING AT ALL IT JUST DOES NOTHING TO HELP JUST MAKES IT WORSE

  2. it flies rely high and has a high quality camera. I lost it today due to strong winds but a lady had found it. luckily the camera was on so i got to see everything the drone saw.

  3. Cool video! I got mines at #ToysRUs as well. I wish I got it before Black Friday because it was going for $40…sadly to say I did pay the $80 but I am happy to say I got a 12 month warranty and I am definitely glad I actually have a quadcopter! 


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