Sky Viper Camera Drone Quadcopter from Skyrocket Toys


The Sky Viper Camera Drone from Skyrocket Toys is a flying four-blade R/C vehicle that does aerial stunts and takes pictures and video in flight. For full review …


  1. I have one, the first one I crashed and totaled it. But I bought some kite string with my second one, I was able to limit it until I could learn the controls. Camera angle is a little to steep so you have to get high to get a good aerial shot.

  2. I thought I could never give a drone the thumbs down, but I really don't like this one. But, I think it has to do with the AR.Drone 2.0, I'm just guessing…lol I think the AR.Drone 2.0 is expensive, but it's a really good teaching platform for drones…


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