SJRC S20W GPS FPV Follow Me Camera Drone Flight Test Review


This GPS FPV camera drone is great for safely exploring your neighborhood or park from the air. If it gets lost(loses transmission) or runs low on battery, it will …


  1. Great channel and reviews 🙂 I enjoy watching. I got my first drone few days ago and got this S20w. Already looking for better and faster drone and better quality but this thing is fun. I've got 12 flights on it and have had it 150m out and 102m up. I also tried waypoint flying today and it worked. Didn't work from the ground I had to hit take off button and than I set way point and away it went. Haven't tried follow me yet

  2. Just want to say thanks for all your videos. I recently bought the S20W, and have been enjoying flying it for a couple of week. I have a quick question. Would I be able to use my Eachine EV800 goggles to do FPV with this quadcopter?

  3. Hi again. Finally I found some devices that have wifi connectivity with this drone. These are: iPhones, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Sony Xperia Z5. I tried Oneplus5, HuaweiP10, Xiaomi redmi note 4, Sony Xperia M2, an old Samsung and Samsung Galaxy Tab with no result. You must have a mobile device that wifi chip be able to find 5ghz networks with all channels. I think it must include the 802.11 5ghz wifi prototype. Now my question is, in which manner you can do the calibration process? My drone don't lift up when I push the auto take off button and turning around itself. All propellers working good in the right position and I don't know if it is a calibration problem.

  4. Hello, Quadcopter Overlord, I've watched a dozen of your videos over the last couple hours and I want you to weigh in on my first real drone. I'm looking for all the beginner features, i.e. return to home, GPS fence, with solid resolution on the camera. My budget is $120. I think the SJRC S20 is at the top of the list. UNLESS, you can recommend something you feel would be a better fit. Thanks for your help. – a new subscriber

  5. Hi what is the model of your mobile phone? I bought this drone and i have wifi connectivity issues. I tried to connect with Oneplus5 and Huawei P10 but drones wifi does not appear in the available networks. I tried also with my tablet Sony Experia and i saw it. Any idea of what happens??


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