SJRC F11 Long Flying Brushless GPS FPV Camera Drone Flight Test Review


This large folding brushless GPS drone includes a 1080p HD camera and easily flies over 20 minutes per charge. Find it here and use coupon code e97135 …


  1. Didb anyone tried to put strongers motors, or can someone suggest wich one to put in it. Why I ask this is because I plan to do battery mod which gonna cause weight increase? !

  2. Has anyone had issues with the video quality of the drone in Follow Me mode? When i activate Follow Me and start moving, the drove does follow me, but does so in a very 'jerky' way, almost like hopping, or a bunch of stop and go. the resulting picture is dizzying to look at. I've looked all over for a solution but can't find anything. Any suggestions/ideas?

  3. I really like this drone. I have never purchased from Banggood. I live in the US, do you recommend I save and buy from China warehouse or should I spend a little more and purchase from US Warehouse?

  4. Great video review QC101. Is there a way to monitor the bird's battery via the app? You had to land it to check remaining battery power. A huge oversight on the makers part.

  5. Adding more to my comments (and hope it is of some benefit):
    1. At 6:30 you warn us to be careful pressing and HOLDING the auto take-off/landing as that activates the emergency stop. Yes, IT STOPS THE MOTORS AND DROPS LIKE A ROCK! so be very careful with it. I doubt that you can recover if that's not what you meant to do. Kiss it goodbye. (I was lucky)
    2.The beeping while activating most functions is irritating but I found it to be a good warning that something was still turned on.
    3. I bought a white one, and put different markings using multicolor tape on each side (different patterns) to tell which way it is pointing.
    4. takes good photos and video, even in the wind, but gets choppy with gusts.
    thanks for your vids!

  6. Thanks for your wonderful reviews! I just received my F11 yesterday. Don't know if they play soccer (football) with these boxes because mine was all banged up … but the packing was great and everything works. Mine went on back order but I texted the chatroom of the support dept. and it was resolved immediately and shipped the next day to USA. Took about three weeks to get here.( I would have ordered from USA but the options I wanted were only available in China. )
    The videos I took yesterday looked more like 720p, but it was in shade. Could not tell the difference between SD and iPhone pix. Looks like it works much better with an iPhone than with your phone. Except for the gesture modes, the features seem to work on mine.

    Also, seems to hold very well in the wind, and it blows here every day!

    I enlarged the manual by taking and printing a picture of each page. 🙂

    More later.

    BTW, it is a $150 UAS so it is a good one to use to "get your wings". It is an amazing bargain! 😉

  7. Great video! Could you provide wind speed please? (Anemometers on Amazon for $14.) And FYI, Costco sells bifocal sunglasses (reading glasses over clear) 3 for $30. 🙂

  8. So what was the final verdict on how far out you have any control over the F11 ? I need it to take a fish bait and sinker off shore surf fishing way out . Don't need camera much.

  9. What I still don´t understand with this GPS drones is, do I know how many meters the drone is above ground, or only above the starting point? I have do know that because I live on an island where only the beaches are on a constant level, the rest are more or less high mountains. So, when I fly from the top of a mountain down to the beach, and I lose controll to the drone, can it also fly back automatically to the staring point, which is much higher, or will it crash somewhere on the hillside? Thx.

  10. If you loose video, in addition to line of sight can't you use the map – the gps should still indicate where the drone is.. and you can bring it back to yourself even if you can't see the drone..


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