SJCAM SJ8 PRO Native 4K Action Camera – 60fps – EIS – H265


SJCAM SJ8 PRO Native 4K Action Camera – 60fps – EIS – H265 ✅ Buy from Banggood: ➡ Uncompressed Samples: …


  1. I shot my latest video on the SJCAM 5000X and it cost me like £80 and for that I got a lot of accessories with it! For the price (even not for the price) it's a great little action camera and wouldn't mind upgrading to one of these

  2. Good review Chigz. Now we really need a comparison and review video of the SJCam SJ8 Pro and the GoPro Here6, and any other action cam capable of native 4k @ 60 frames. EIS while in 4k @ 60 seems like the most premium ability offered by action cameras at the moment.

  3. Is there any way to turn off the front lcd? Or the Front LCD is always on as long camera is powered on ?
    Image quality looks true to the weather condition…
    Nicely Done.

  4. As you say, a good camera, but compared to the Akaso you don't seem to get the same value as you do from the Akaso… Also, the audio on the SJCam to me, anyway, didn't seem as good.


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