SimToo XT175 Fairy Air Camera Drone


SimToo XT 175 Fairy Air Camera Drone Review Flight video & footage at the end. Get one here: …


  1. there is a lot of difference between the simtoo camera and the idol?? I'm looking for a small drone that records well and has good range. I have doubts between both. Many thanks

  2. Hi, your video is excellent and instructional. My drone will not connect to the wifi. I have an iPhone 7 and tried upgrading the tf card and still nothing, any ideas?

  3. Hi,
    Thank you for the excellent and informative video.

    I’ve seen a number of YouTube video on this drone and not one showed the map view or waypoint functionality.

    Have you of any of your other viewers and followers tested the waypoints and map view?


  4. i like the look of the flight you showed(which looked much sportier than other reviews)and the footage shown, which glitched but all in all seemed decent, i wouldn't call it poor(?) was the footage from an sd card recording? or wifi?

  5. I have just bought this drone and I can now get it in the air as the manual in now way would have got me there. Thanks. Your instructional section of the video is excellent.
    It is very interesting to compare your video with where I live in the wilds of Scotland. I'll be lucky to get a couple of days per month of flying but it will be worth it!
    Keep up the good work.

  6. I have another question: looking at the drone's bottom, the leg stopper of front right leg is different from other three, is it deformed from your unit (almost broken)? I checked with the drone company, they said it is the design not the defect. R ur drone have the same issue?

  7. This is second unit with that bad video quality I saw on youtube. However, some other units do not have this issue. Maybe, something wrong with the batches released. Some r good some r bad. U might have the bad unit, man.


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