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  1. Nice review Andy, this kind of drone come across the world with different brand. In indonesia its absolutely same with drone brica 5 but the company come with the app both in playstore and apple store. I think people must be wise before they bought these type of selfie drone. Because in the adv of this drone its tottaly cool. Even if you think rationally the price of dji mavic compare to this drone, and what they overing to you ? Remember, What you paid is what you got.

  2. this drone is a nightmare, conectoin lost, follow me not working, noisy very noisy, altitude blocked – range low  ! no support and very expenseive ! if someone is interested in mine I sell it for 80$ (new one time flying) thank you for the review

  3. I have a perfect description for this thing, but as this is a family channel, I'll just borrow a line from SeBy DocKy and say: "It is Not Amazing!" … ha ha. On top of that, its not cheap. Oh well .. thanks for the review. Cheers.

  4. cool video!!! im going to build a fast tiny whoop soon and i was wondering if i can use the coreless racerstar 615 with the eachine beecore f3. can i use coreless or brushless motors with a brushed board?

  5. It’s like someone saw a Spark on the shelf and said “We can make something for half the price and almost as good.” But just no. Being able to adjust the gimbal is nice. I expect a year from now we’ll start seeing some really good options regularly.


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