Should You Buy & Import a DJI SPARK Drone to India?


Learn to FLY a Drone – DJI Phantom -Basics of Drone Flying: Drone Legality in India – DJI Phantom Professional.


  1. 10:15 – Can you buy a drone overseas and import to India. Skip first 10 mins, don't be me
    Anyway — Why why why, did you show a $24 drone initially when the video is about DJI Spark ($400) ???

  2. Hi Ji, just a question… Can i bring my mavic/spark into India? I will be coming to India for a 2 week holiday at Himachal Pradesh and would love to film some aerial shots. Will there be problems at customs? Need your advise

  3. For such a simple question you are filming 15 mins of video and talking about everything else than the answer to the question. Be specific to your tag lines. Total waste of time ……

  4. Bhai i have question. I live in usa. Im coming to india soon. I will be coming from new york to dehli and then connecting flight from dehli to amritsar. So my concern is that the india custom will check the check in bags only when i exit amritsar airport right? Or will they check my bags at dehli airport too? Because if they only going to put my bags into xray machine in amritsar then i dont have to worry because there are so many corrupted workers i know in amritsar airport that will let me pass customs for some fee. So my question is will they do xray to check my check in bags at dehli airport to or no?

  5. Can I carry dji spark in checkin baggage or handbag luggage while travelling in flights domestically or will they seize it? Please let me know my purchase depends on this issue

  6. Why I subbed to this channel is not becasue of the quality of the videos, but the spirit and energy you have while speaking <3 But please try improving the quality of the video, audio and such.

  7. You can import drones without any problems. But it must be from the manufacturer themselves or reputed websites where they declare the MSDS certificate.
    There maybe issues when the drones are high performance range like speed exceeding 120KM/hr or height above 100 meters or with thermal imaging cameras . Actually these are also allowed but you need to register the drone with the civil aviation authority which is normally taken care of by the relevant distributor in India…
    I have brought in my DJI Spark without any issues. DJI Phantom 3( Standard) is OK but phantom 4 onwards , there are some issues as mentioned on DJI Indian websites. These drones have a no fly zone list for each country which is updated regularly so that you cannot make a mistake in any case while flying. And also it must be a political issue with the distributors themselves hiking the price by a factor of 2 :::))).. One way of clearing all the above hassle is to register yourself with a Drone training center and get certified !!

  8. police in Delhi is dumbass as shit, I own 250 racing quad and DJI f450 which I made. I flew it and there was a cop like 10 yards away and he was doesn't seemed to give a SHIT about it! so yeah don't worry about the police

  9. hi, thank you for the insight, do you think i would have issues in indian airports of something when carrying a drone with me? the drone was bought from india and taking it with me across the country on my soon to embark all india travel adventure.
    thank you, looking forward to have some closure on this matter, it is the only things which concerns/worries me ever since i started planning my travel a week ago (to take it or not to take it) 🙂


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