Shoot Aerial 360s.. Without A Drone!


360 videos shot with Samsung Gear 360 2016 BTS footage shot with Samsung Gear 360 2017 My Manfrotto light stand: A video…


  1. Why would the authorities ask you to leave?  It's against the law to take photos in public in Australia???  I am confused.  The crowd getting into aspect I understand.

  2. WTF! A security guard appoached you just for filming in the public with a smal camera? I could understand it if it would be private property but not on a public place. People are overreacting a bit these days. Thx God i got an official press id card as photo journalist.

  3. Hi Ben. I gain a lot of knowledge from your channel. How do you get a such a sharp video? I understand that you used the Insta360 Studio to render this video. I have also used Insta360 Studio with Gear360 (2017) but the my video do not turn out as sharp as yours. I have also followed your tutorial video for Insta360 Studio. Am I missing something? Tq

  4. Wow, you looked liked a Bigfoot hiding behind that tree! Your videos are so beautiful and smooth. You could probably do some cool stuff in the forest. I’m the first 360 Bigfoot Hunter, but it won’t be long before others with way more subs catch on. This is definitely gonna grow as a media, as it becomes more and more user friendly.


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