Shoot a Mavic / P4P Hyperlapse in UNDER 6 minutes


How to shoot hyper-lapses in less than 6 minutes. Learn more about the settings: DJI …


  1. So after wasting photos for an entire what was hoping would of been a successful hyperlapse for me there is something all should know. As far as using adobe premiere the files cannot be DNG files but they need to be JPG. Also was wondering why I could not do the take pics every 2 seconds instead option was only 5 seconds with DNG. So if using premiere can only use JPG anyway.

  2. The boat shots were dope. I found flying through valleys on cloudy day yielded some nice results as you can see the shadows from the clouds roll across the ground and cloud formations occurring the distance.

    It’s also nice to do a reveal shot this way, flying backwards on the route at 2mph.

  3. nice work!! I only have one question, is about the autofocus and manual focus, what do you focus when you set into auto? a closer object or a distance object? i mean to have the sharpest footage. With manual focus how does it work to have everything sharp, set to infinity? macro?

    Best regards, and nice work.!


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