Sharper Image DX-3 Quadcopter – Drone Mechanic Unboxing and Flight Test!


Unboxing and Flight Test of the Sharper Image DX-3 Quadcopter! *This is not a paid endorsement channel: I purchase all drones with my own money and …


  1. I hav this it's a very good beginner drone if you are knew like I was this is the way to go very easy to control oh and the red light has to be facing you or use auto orientation you guys should get this for beginners great drone Lobito I'm actully sitting beside it right now

  2. Awesome video, I was wondering if you had any issue getting videos to play? I took a quick video on my first flight but when I check the media card it says the format is not supported?

  3. do u know what kind of charger it uses I've tried different chargers and none of them will charge it plz help I just got it and can't fly it bc i can't charge it


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