Sharper Image – DX-2 Stunt Drone – Review and Flight


Link to purchase from RTF ($48) – This is Sharper Image’s first micro quadcopter, and it flies quite well, and looks great. Enjoy! -Flyin’ Ryan To keep…


  1. I got this drone 2 days ago I unboxed it and it seemed pretty easy to fly as opposed to the other one I tired flying that shit had a mind of its own. The 4100x is awesome from a tech p.o.v but from a first timers p.o.v it's just crazy asf

  2. You make great videos.I bought a syma 107g and one of the sharper image dx-2 drones.I constantly crash the syma and the first time I tried the dx-2 it went straight to the ceiling and crashed breaking a blade I replaced it and now it won't lift off it just tilts to the side I ordered a syma x5c.Everything I have bought and tried I have no good luck with them.I think this is not what I can do.I enjoy your videos you make it look easy.

  3. can someone tell me how to keep it in the air because when i increase altitude it goes up and when i keep the knob steady it drops and if i go to high it hits my ceiling and what is the deal with the buttons on the left and right

  4. I got mine from Walmart, the charging port on mine is different from yours. but it is the exact same drone. it is fun. I took mine outside today, and was able to get it to fly pretty high. It was fun. it is a blast to flip them.

  5. thx
    for doing these videos they are the best videos you ever did it is the best.
    I hope you do some more videos like this and for Christmas I got the same
    you is the best person that plays drone videos.
    for more can you do camera drones so you can really be the best.

  6. I must say, this drone is flipping awesome! Just got into drones myself, and I received this one today for Christmas. Very enjoyable and the flips are really fun. Anyways great vid and excited to watch more from ya. Subbed!

  7. Overall I really like this. I got two last year at Walgreens around Christmas time. How to make it better: 1. Make the transmitter smaller; 2. Put LEDs on the bottom instead of the top; 3. Put charging indicator on quad body so we can use any generic micro USB cable for charging. PS: By now why aren't more quads using standard micro USB so we don't need a drawer full of chargers with all different kinds of connectors?

  8. My local Walgreens is selling these for $39.99 with 50% off for a limited period. I bought one and for a toy drone it flies nicely. Just wish it had 3 speeds – it has plenty of power


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