Sharper Image DX-2 Stunt Drone full review and flight


Unpaid and unsponsored feature review and demonstration. Final notes: I was going to return this after flying it inside. But after the outdoor flight test I am …


  1. Can you help?
    I bought one and worked for one day.
    The drone turns on the lights flash and the remote turns on as well. I've tried to sync them together and it won't work, it did when I first bought it but a day later I go to turn it on and it's not pairing with the remote.

    You ever had this problem and if you did where you able to fix it? How ?

  2. $13.76 on rollback 3/24/18 woo hoo!!! I cannot fly this thing worth a crap but it is very durable. I have slammed it really hard and cannot believe it hasn’t shattered yet and for less than $15 it’s perfect to figure out how to learn to fly, which I’m finding extremely difficult because of all the adjustments I can’t tell how it’s supposed to go. But anyway, I’m sure I’ll learn eventually and then I can go for a more expensive one n

  3. I got mine too. I got it to pair after so many tries i stopped it charged it then when I wanted to pare it again the drone flash all lights back to back and when I press the throttle up an down it beeps ones and the red lights stop turns to a solid red. But the drone still keep flashing all lights. Idk what to do.

  4. lol i recently got it for 5$ new and ahhh i kinda like it…. it's nothing compared to the hubsan X h107 but it does pretty good…… also the punch out on the hubsan is insane and it's about 5/6 times fast then this drone… and also the hubsan can be easily modified to fly up to 24min ….. not this thing tho I don't like the way the Battery is in the canopy i mean i can easily cut the bottom out and just solder in some jst plugs and fly with my other 1s packs butt it's not really worth it … but afteralll nice little drone

  5. Does anyone know if you can switch the modes on the controller, like the left one to be the forward and back/side to side and the right stick being the rotation?

  6. I have a bigger version. Liked it but didn't get to fly it long. Landed it in a small tree and the throttle stuck with a prop resting on a branch. I believe that motor burnt. Can't find replacement motor. Didn't like the controller to much, felt like I was holding a DVD player! Haha

  7. Just got this today and can't get it to work. I've charged the drone until the red light went out and put new batteries correctly in the remote. When the drone is first turned on the lights flash fast, then slow down to a steady blink. On the remote, the red light flashes in a steady blink also. Is this normal? When I try to pair it, nothing happens but the blinking lights on both units. Any help would be appreciated!

  8. Have a ton of quads from Phantom 3 's to H31's and they are all better quads. Also this one is really dull flier. Slow in the air. Can not see lights from the underside. Which is not good when you are flying away from your location. And auto shutoff does not work. If it loses the signal it just keeps trucking which ever way it is pointed at the time. Transmitter should run on 2 batteries for this short distance. 6 batteries for 50 yards is just way out of line. And this size of the transmitter is just crazy. I would give this a ONE STAR rating. very disappointed in this model. These people should have  looked at other quads out there before they built and released this one.


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