Sharper Image DX-1 Micro Drone – Review and Flight


Review and Flight video of the Sharper Image DX-1 Micro drone. The DX-1 is very small quadcopter and about as cheap as they get. Just a very basic …


  1. I bought one on Saturday and never opened it. It's Thursday now. I've seen a few reviews on this thing and from what I hear it breaks after a couple of flights. That's why I never opened it. So I can return it. Is it true that this thing only works a couple of times and that's it?

  2. I just got one and even though I haven't flown it yet, I can say that fresh out of the box I noticed two, what seemed to be, hair balls wound around two of the props. I had to get a xacto knife and do some nano surgery to avoid further complications. I know they weren't my hairs because I'm practically bald and as I said before, this was a brand new unit. Just something to look out for when purchasing these little gadgets. Nice vid though.


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