Sharper Image – DX-1 Micro Drone – Review and Flight


Link to purchase from RTF ($30) – Sharper Image has entered the quadcopter market, and this is their nano offering. Enjoy!


  1. I saw these today at Walmart for $22.00 and thought " Oh well, may as well give it a shot at that price ". I should have checked with your channel first for a review as your my go to guy when it comes to toy grade quads, Ryan. These things totally … yeah. It's going back to the store tomorrow. Oh, and the only reason I gave it a go is because I already own a DX-2 and rather like it. It's no Hubsan X4 series, but it's a decent enough of a flier. The DX-1 though ?? Pfftt.

  2. Still fairly new to drones. This is my second drone I've bought (udirc falcon hd upgrade being my first) and I don't think it's half bad. I'm actually pretty pleased with it. But really what can you expect for $15 (at least what I paid at Walmart). But nice review nonetheless.


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