Sharper Image Camera Drone Reviews


Sharper Image Camera Drone Reviews: Blog where full review was disappeared!… I’m here and am working on finding my reviews and putting them up here for you guys so it’ll…


  1. How the HELLLLL do I change these blades??? Is there directions in the vid for that? If so, can a "handy helper" put the time? Also, damn….noticing the stupid blades seem to break more with the retarded guards on. If the guards and the blades even make it without breaking, the stupid blades get stuck hitting the guard no matter what adjustments I seem to make. I am so drone stupid.

  2. Dr. Wade just took it out of the box my daughter go it for Christmas. Have issues one prop spins and stops then starts then the opposite prop starts and stops. never gets off the ground because the props pull to one side ad then the other always the same two. one blue and opposite side one green. Support on the box says it was too long to 90 days only with winter and school and all other things only until now we just got a chance to try to fly. It was charged fully overnight. any ideas on how to fix?
    thanks in advance for any of your comments.

  3. I have seen questions on how to charge the battery, the answer is there are two USB connectors that come with the drone and one is for the micro SD card and the other is for charging it even has a blinkingย indicator that lets you know when it is fully charged by not blinking any longer. I hope this helps!

  4. I just got this drone as a gift last evening. I'm going to watch some videos, before I take it out of the box. Yours is the first I've watched and find it helpful. Thank you. Note, I'm a 70 year old "kid" that has never flown a drone. I even crashed the zero turn mower on the first try. Wish me luck.

  5. Nice video..My wife recently bought this drone for me at Walgreens for $40. Do you know the Model # for this drone. I want to buy extra batteries that have a longer flight time than 7 min. Thanks

  6. I bought this on clearance for $40 at Michaels.

    Drone didn't last one battery cycle – which is estimated to last for ten minutes of flight time. I got it stuck in a tree, pulled it out, (it wasn't badly stuck – not tangled at all, just came right out). and 3 of the props stopped spinning. took them apart, tried to free up the gears, and it started smoking. Dead Drone. Estimated total flight time, about 6 minutes.

    My eleven year old is bummed.

    Just dropped a note to Sharper Image on their contact form. I'll report back here to see how well they do customer service.

    Seems pretty clear in this video that there's a known problem with this model.


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