SG900-S GPS FPV Camera Drone Flight Test Review


This GPS FPV camera drone would be a great first GPS drone for new fliers. Find it here Pros – Uses 2.4Ghz WiFi. Does NOT require …


  1. So i've been watching a few things carefully,
    let's start with the obvious: the camera quality is not as promised (maybe there is an option n the app itself to increase the quality but as far as i know there isn't)
    The second part is that it's battery life goes down very quickly. ive been watching the battery life and it goes down by one percent (%) every 12 seconds (On average)
    Third one, and I do find that fine since it's a cheaper drone, is that the camera is shaky and wouldn't do well if I were recording for a vid or something.
    It's a toy afterall and i love the implemented features

  2. Hi. Our drone is not flying. Battery is full and drone connected with 15 satellite. We done everything proper every time. Motors started but drone is not flying. We can send a video with e mail. Please help us 🙁

  3. Even with its app/camera -related issues I think I prefer the Visuo XS809HW I just watched you review Q101. It's nicer looking, has a better TX and range too. It's really good to see more easily-affordable GPS drones coming along though, it should make for less dangerous flying by beginners and less flyaways too.

  4. As much as I appreciate your efforts, you too often rushes these things and make mistakes. Often, maybe always you do these videos without looking into the manual beforehand. Like in a recent video you didn't know at first that it took a sd-card, this time you obviously didn't know beforehand how to save to the sd-card. Also in you "pro" text you mention it would do circles, whereas in the video you came to the conclusion that it won't. Too much of that, sorry, sloppiness lately.

  5. Could you pls suggest me a budget selfie drone not tello, i need a good camera and stable one which suits the budget of 100$, i watched almost all of your videos but i need an experienced suggestion


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