SG700 Drone Review


SG700 Drone Review Flight video & footage at the end. Buy one here:


  1. How come the drone imagery is laggy on my ipod? It lags about 8 seconds of what I point the camera to. I've purchased 2 of these drones and they both lag. I see many reviews and those cameras didn't lag. Im not sure if the drone calibrates either, it just says "sensor calibrating…" and disappears after 2 seconds. Could it be my mobile device or app? Besides this, it's a very fun drone

  2. This is the BEST review of this drone (features, technical and flight) that I've seen yet. And as Rob (below) also said, you're definitely in an elite league with your flight skills, especially considering that 25+mph wind that you flew the demo run in like it was nothing. Amazing! One thing you didn't mention is the how terrible the manual is written. I learned more about my drone features and how to fly it from your video than reading the manual 10 times. Thank you!

  3. Excellent video! I've considered this drone in the past as an extra for others who want to fly with us. I just may have to purchase this especially after watching this video–and how well you flew into the wind! Thank you again!


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