SEXIEST DRONE YOU HAVE EVER SEEN!! Armattan Chameleon Review.


Armattan Charmeleon review. This beautiful quad is one of the most well designed quads I have ever seen. Amazing FPV camera mount, smart vtx port, soft …


  1. o.k. the deal here people is Armattan is way cool !!! I have gone from mid to o.k. quads, ohh you can settle with this and by the way that doesn't fit right and hey put the battery on the bottom of the quad so you don't chop up you battery to why do you not build it yourself. ON & ON & ON. Review after review after review. Stew, I want to thank you for this review because the Chameleon fits all criteria of what I am interested in and now own. shipping Monday.  To the HATERS that think differently. Your not going to fly it, I AM, Go buy what you need and have fun, race to your hearts desire. Armattan is not a coupon cutting company to sell you on a unit inferior to what they have to offer. ((((((BOUYA))))))!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. im wondering how you order the chameleon because they have different options. i am new to the drone worldbut like what i see after i did some research. i am contimplating opening a drone race track in Wisconsin, state of the US. i want something reliable, controlable, high quality but user friendly. it seems like this is it. please tell me more

  3. Hi. i have a 5 inch cameleon. use 1300 mah 4 cell and flight time is only about 3.5 to 4 minutes. witch batteries do you use on the cameleon and how long flight time do you have?.

  4. On the website, the specifications for the one i ordered "5 inch frame" dimensions are 220mm motor to motor but mine is 20.8 o/d across the front and 17mm o/d front to rear ?
    I think they made a mistake in regards to the item i wanted. Delivery time was 2.5 weeks and it came from china.
    Not going to send it back, just might be easier to buy another one. Sad face Stuart and Trevor.

  5. UAVFutures, im not sure how to do it why don't you reverse the quad, like forward goes backwards and so on, and turn the camera around so it's on the back but it will be tilted up. So when you go forward you can see more? idk but just an idea.

  6. I really don't understand this quadcopter. The aluminum front is completely unnecessary and just adds additional weight and another point of failure. I triangular piece of tpu with a battery strap will hold the camera on and angle it, a much lighter option i'm sure. It's like a pod style x-frame and an alien made a baby.


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