Selling my Mavic Air…for THIS?!


Should I sell my DJI Mavic Air for the Autel EVO drone? ▻Autel EVO – ▻DJI Mavic Air – Autel Robotics sent me their …


  1. Thank you for a very straight forward comparison video. I own an Mavic Air and am still a "novice" operator. My sister in-law is thinking of getting a drone and I will be giving her the link to this video. IMHO the location of the phone mount on the EVO looks more user friendly and easier to see.

  2. I'm currently flying the DJI spark, cause I haven't had the need to upgrade. It works great for what I'm currently using it for.

    Also, where in Dallas is that? Location looks awesome.

  3. thank goodness everyone is talking about how the evo has a much softer image. It was driving me crazy. The footage is so soft it looks like some where in between 1080p and 720p footage.

  4. Video is sponsored by the brand…. Still produces softer images .. don't blame YouTube compression, it doesn't get biased because of sponsorship and free products.. if you are so true … Let us download the raw data and see ourselves.

  5. Dude! Is there something wrong with your eyes????? The Mavic video quality is Waaaay better than the Autel. The big problem with the DJI's is that the damn things have to update every time ya switch 'em on!


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