Dal cyclone prop review. Are these props the best so far? how do they perform, how do they hold up in fpv drone races. IMO these dal cyclone propellers are …


  1. Thanks a lot for recommending the cyclones man 🙂 I watched your video one night and just decided to get a bunch and try them out. Today they arrived, I ripped 7 packs in front of my house and I gotta say they are amazing. To anybody reading this,: Order some now! You won't be disappointed 😉

  2. For someone who is just starting (actually still waiting on parts to arrive), would you immediately start using these props, or would you learn on cheaper to replace props? Its about $4 for a set with these, or only $1 with GemFan 2 bladed props. Or would that money be better spent, on say, another battery, antenna, or anything else?

    The quad is a basic one to start off with, as I'm sure I'll crash it many times and break most of it. After I learn on it, then maybe i can spend more and get something nicer, or just upgrade this one along the way. If it was a $200+ quad, I wouldn't be asking if it was worth it, but I have a feeling I will go through a lot of props just starting out.

  3. I blame you for not being able to buy these props anywhere!! Seriously thank you for the review got my hands on some 5×4.6×3 Cyclone awesomeness. I'm still a new to FPV but my Alien is a happy camper now much smoother than the HQ5x4x3.

    Thank you for all of your hard work doing these videos.

  4. I'm really new to the hobby so I apologize if this question seems dumb… Starting out with an eachine wizard. Keeping having problems with the stock props becoming loose very quickly after even minor crashes. Blades themselves are intact but the hole that you screw the motors into are becoming stripped causing the props to migrate down the motor and not spin properly. Not sure if it's my installation or some other factor. Anyway I can prevent this from happening? Thx

  5. would you recommend the cyclone t5045c for 2205 2300kv motors,,,, Its hard to get the Version 2's here in china, also out of interest what do you think of the Lumenier 5x5x3 butter cutters I can get a good deal on them at the moment ,,,,, I cant decide,,,,,,

    keep up the great reviews…….


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