Sbego – FQ777-124 Pocket Drone – Review and Flight


Link to purchase from RTF ($16) –


  1. just got mine today, its my first quadcopter, it doesn't seem to fly flat with no control input. I've done all the fine tuning stuff that it says in the manual and nothing seems to make a difference. Anyone else had this problem? what did you do?

  2. Why fly with finger and thumb anyways? I’ve never seen anyone fly say rc planes with thumb and finger. If you can’t fly with your thumbs I guess you just suck.

  3. Awesome!
    I can't make mine to fly like that though 🙁 I can't make it fly on a given height, it either keeps flying upwards or downwards. It also keeps flying sideways :/

  4. Makes me wonder what the FQ777 label really means. I have this small foldable drone I bought from Eachine not long ago because it looked cool and I wanted something to fly for fun while my other drones batteries charge and it's also prefaced with FQ777, I assumed that it was part of their brand series but apparently it shows up all over the place…

  5. Is this your kitchen? It's super clean for what you have in there. Why are ace pilots so goddamn tidy!?!?

    I bought a drone like this for $20 at crackerbarrell. I should try pinching the sticks because I broke a propeller and now with one of the replacements, it leans left too badly for trim to have an effect. I guess I'll charg'im up and try another prop.

    Your video gives me hope.

  6. can anyone tell me why the 2 drones i have won't lift off the table? both FQ777 pocket drones. the drones are fully charged and new batteries in the controller. props are all good also. they spin like it wants to go but just don't lift off. all lights are working to.
    hope some one has a idea…


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