Santee Cooper Flooded Coal Ash Drone Footage – Hurricane Florence Aftermath


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  1. That Ash should have been removed with plant. Now they are saying none went in river? Wow they cease to amaze me. I lived down there for a while and everyone down there should now not true. NC closer to coast having problem to. Just woundering what weather makers are doing, we know hurricanes don't stand still. Wishing SC well! Blessings

  2. Jesus spoke of natural disasters, without even any hint of evil manipulation of the weather by men…but I feel its happening ntl. No limit now to what the Marxist globalists will do to tear down & set up their NWO network of control, fake a climate change to push their Agenda 30 campaign etc.

    Bible warned of deception reaching a peak level as the worst part; worse even than imprisonment of the lovers of truth, and of being beheaded etc. This is the reality…the whole world lieth in wickedness…in your patience, possess ye your souls…keeping ourselves in the most holy faith by keeping our eyes of our souls on Jesus till this earthly nightmare is over. For beliecers in Christ, the end is not darkness as for the scoffers, but light & life too wonderful & joyful even for words to say!

    It is crucial that we be wise as serpents, yet harmless as doves…you put your inner spiritual condition as top priority; thus God can lift us up above the tsunamis of lies, doom & gloom.We will be seen as mugwumps & sour grape evil doomsayers for uncovering these NWO deceptions; and indeed, many go crazy due to weak mindedness; but such derision came at Jesus himself, and all God's holy warning prophets of antiquity and more recent…anyone who disturbs the mindset of having a blast on the weekend, or warns with godly sobriety. The spiritually blind bible quoters will scoff & deride all who upset their prosperity false gospel, or warn that Trump is just another bringer of false hope…like another Constantine the Great or Cromwell…looking so good for the Christian cause of truth vs. darkness; but merely tools for the dark forces that rage against heaven 24/7…even mimicking the light of truth. As this NWO plan is fulfilled globally, only the Spirit led will rightly discern it and guard their souls, like those 3 brave souls…Daniel & friends in Babylon…we are in Babylon, Ancient Rome Revived, & Sodom all rolled into one. Guard your heart with all diligence, for out of it flow the issues of life. Be salt & light for the lost souls that need to find a glimmer of hope in the dark clouds surrounding them.

    And above all, hold up that SHIELD OF FAITH, the devil is out wreaking havoc, KNOWING THAT HIS TIME IS VERY SHORT!!! All thanks & praise to the Father, Son, & Spirit…the blessed Godhead forever, amen & amen.
    Pray ye one for another, fear not, but BELIEVE TILL HE COMES & FAINT NOT.

  3. They contaminated the water & ground so it's toxic plus killed off a lot of animals. Now it's going into the ocean and doing as much damage as it can to kill the fish and mammals. They want total control over our water, food, air & weather. Whoever controls those things control the world. New World Order is in place.

  4. Daniel thank you for everything you do. you go above and beyond to get truth out. i wish i wasnt disabled and worked, because you deserve a tip because i know douchebag youtube probably give you 15© as an insult and you go. above and what other youtubers do for research on thier videos

  5. The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth
    Because the true Warriors are out of here
    They have raped Mother Earth of her resources leaving our planet a TOXIC WASTELAND
    Meek=Weak Minded

  6. Thank U brother Daniel for sharing unbelievable this incredible video praying for God protection n safety n our health spiritually mentally physically socially psychologically financially even as our soles shall prosper in the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord savior Redeemer Messiah Alpha n Omega beginning n they end Revelation is here God said it's going to be hard he was right But he said by faith through faith in Jesus Christ Our Lord savior Redeemer Messiah for our heavenly God our Father who sits on his throne up in heavenly places he said 365 times do not fear for I am with U all my yoke is easy and my burden is light sometimes it's can feel the rubber band and it said is very last bit of the twist that's ready to snap or it's just going to take all the wicked and evil and bring them down and we will be separated and braught up too meet up with our savior Jesus Christ Our Lord amen God bless U n ur family's prayers for God protection n safety for NC n SC much love n stores up here in Wisconsin put out so everybody can put whatever we can in there and send whatever we can Dollar General QuikTrip Family Dollar we don't have much up here in or love but I just wanted to share that is his heart that's in mine and that's in all of us we come together in unity as brothers and sisters in the body of Christ God bless again to all of you I am so thankful for all of you I am thankful I really am♡

  7. It reminds me of when Trump left the Paris climate control group and this is his Payback actually not his but our people there are a lot of many great Christians down on South Carolina North Carolina I believe it's an attack on Christianity also like Obama said America is no longer a Christian Nation and he's making sure that I'm sure Trump is in on it too now you're going to have to definitely reconstruct the infrastructure it's all in the game with them with no game to us we can only expect this to get worse this is what happened Psalms 9:17


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