Ryze Tello Drone – Flight Modes and Bluetooth Remote Controller


Buy the Tello here: PXN Speedy Game Controller for iOS: Mad Catz C.T.R.L.i for iOS: …


  1. Thorough, detailed and explained with examples. Definitely first class review as you provide insight into this and we can assess whether it is worth the purchase, thank you so much

  2. I fly my Tello daily at 100 feet up, and out to 100 yards with good video and control using a wifi repeater and a power bank. The wind will take that thing for a ride though. All in all a great first timers flyer. Great tip for outside flying is to keep in fast mode. Makes it a lot easier to fight the wind.

  3. Have you noticed your underside getting warm to hot? Mine gave me a warning notice, then shut down. I waited then turned it back on. No warning but it did still felt pretty warm after completing my flight. Not sure if this is normal?


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