Ryze Tech Tello Drone Powered by DJI and Intel Review | Flight and Camera Test | Part 2


Ryze Tech Tello Drone Powered by DJI and Intel Review | Flight and Camera Test | Part 2. Ryze Tech collaborated with DJI and Intel to produce this toy drone …


  1. Hey Gadget Inspector thanks for making this video! It was very entertaining and made me consistently laugh everytime you say 'Get the Heck out of here!!! Awsome reactions, and information you shared, great video, much thanks sir!!

  2. great video ,I just bought mine literally 5 mins ago I'm waiting for the battery to fully charge, do you know anything about the bluetooth controller connected to drone instead of phone screen?

  3. Hopefully they fix, or at least add a config on how the flight modes behave, having the video start and stop automatically isn't always what someone wants, it would be nice to be able to be recording already while using those modes, without the video stopping at the end.
    Thanks for the video, it's really nice to see how this drone performs.

  4. I just got mine yesterday. Turned it on it went up and hung that like it was on strings. I tested this until my battery ran out it didn’t move more than an inch or two the whole time. I did do the firmware update before I started. I got it to go about 40 to 50 yards out with my iPad air 2. Video was pretty sharp for 720 and stable going forward and backward. Minor frame skipping when turning or banking. The joy Stick controllers on my iPad or on my android phone moved to the position of my thumbs. Which makes it simple the fly. This is the perfect backyard drone for barbecues and parties. Anyone can fly it and you don’t really have to worry about it hurting anyone something goes wrong. And feels like a piece of technology not a piece of plastic junk. In the app itself there’s a link to Ryze where you can chat immediately with the person if you have any problems or questions. All in all it’s the best $100 drone I have a purchased.

  5. The video with all its skipped frames is totally useless. Would have been so great if this thing could record video to the drone itself instead of just grabbing the live wifi stream. Makes it a deal breaker for me 🙁 Good review though.

  6. Would you recommend this for someone who's beginner a drones would this be a really good beginner drone that's not like a toy quality drone but still a good drone to learn and it is DJI which is really full and how easy is it to fly

  7. Prop guard test , passed ! Ordered mine after watching your video . Nice review . I have 3 dji drone's that I love , and our amazing . But it is nice to have a cool toy to let my kid's and drunk friend's fly . Up until now my go to for drunk friends has been syma x8hc . I'll let them decide how they like it.

  8. Great video so you got a like and a new subscriber. I have just ordered one of these for some indoor footage I need to do along with my Phantom 3… will be very interested in part 3… thanks for sharing

  9. What a great video, very informative. Hope you can find out how long those brushed motors last. I'm worried that they'll run down pretty quick. How hard is it to replace them once they do? I can't wait for part 3!!

  10. Great review, I loved your enthusiasm over how much you liked the product. And I can't blame you, it flew better and held it's position better than some toy grade GPS quads. It had a few quirks and like you said, they hopefully can be addressed with firmware updates. I was very impressed with the photo quality and disappointed with the video quality. I'm really interested to see how you get along with the bluetooth gamepad. And the programming aspect interests me also, my nieces would love to program a drone. Thanks for giving us the first really solid review of the Tello, digging into the app and putting it through it paces in the field.

  11. Great review my friend! Looks very stable, I thought it had GPS. Is it hard to fly using the phone instead of a transmitter? That is my only concern.The picture quality looks awesome! Thanks again!

  12. Good informative video GI, I am curious about your DJI product but once you said the best drone you have flown, what comes to my mind is the same one that I have. Maybe the mavic pro.


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