RV Living Full Time – The Truth About RV Living After 1 Year – RV Life (2018)


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  1. i wish you tubers stop telling people come out and enjoy this life people look up to yous and see you do it and think they can you spend $4000.00 a month yes i watched a video you saying that pleases stop telling people to come out and enjoy this life its not all that sorry but it is the truth so for people watching these videos pleases take them with a grain of salt

  2. Congrats on your nomad-versary(?); something I found the first time I went fulltime was i occasionally had difficulty figuring out/remembering 1. day of week, 2. time of day/timezone, & 3. actual time of day (most of my online work is best done between 1am & 5am EST). Btw, thank you for actually traveling while living in your rv — one of my current pet peeves is people that move into a trailer they parked and don't move (for more than half the year) and then declare themselves a "fulltime rv'er" while giving advise to people living on the road.

    ETA: Your lava-mudpot-cake looked kind of 'puny' to me in that mug — I found if you mix whatever cake mix you prefer with generic angel food cake mix; you get much 'fluffier' mug cakes as a result (okay, I'm addicted to making random individual cakes on a regular basis and this way I can have the 'mix' ready and stored in the frig for putting together/cooked in less than 10 minutes to satisfy the cravings)

  3. In your latest interview with Drivin & Vibin you stated as your newbie mistake was not knowing that you could not park in many National and state parks with your 40+ foot fifth wheeler. Knowing what you now know what specific model and floorpan would you choose today that would correct this mistake?


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