Rodeo 150 – FPV Racer Drone Review ( Courtesy of GearBest )


Rodeo 150 Review and Flight test. This is a great quad. I’m just going to say. I flew the Tarot 130 and loved it because it was small and fast. The Rodeo 150 is a …


  1. When I seen you doing the flips I was like all right but once you said it was line of sight acro whole Nother story. I can flip all day with goggles on loops go through the tightest spaces everything you like. Once they come off it's like I'm flying like an old man walking with a walker.

  2. Hey what goggles are you using. I have the F210 and wanted to get the Fatshark Attitude V3 . I had one hobby shop tell me the fatsharks won't work with the walkera drones because their proprietary. Although there are lots of peeps on YouTube and forums using the Fatsharks with the walkera drones. I need goggles and don't know what to buy now without good confirmation.

  3. So, between the Rodeo 150 and the Inductrix 200…which would you choose for an intermediate pilot looking to move up from custom brushed 8.5mm Carbon micros (also flying 350 sized camera platforms) for racing practice and FPV?  I have a Spektrum DXe and Devo TX already.

  4. if you don't mind I'd like to add that there durability is medium. it definitely not a tank. it does fly well and easily, I'm fairly new to acro and I was able to fly it fpv and getting better. the antennas are not durable at all. the stock one broke on a mild tumble first time in grass. I put a 90 degree and bent the the top up.

  5. I have the Walkera F150 Rodeo as well and I found that there is some latency on the video transmission. So when you're hauling balls to the walls through gates it is sometimes later on the video per the stick movement. But, I found that it is very durable even though it is plastic. I am a huge fan of this guy. Great video +Drone Camps RC


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