RISE RXD250 Racing Drone Setup : Tips & How-To’s


Drones and FPV setup get complex, we make them simple. You’re just six minutes away from full FPV flight with this video and the RXD250 racing drone! Subscribe for more tips!


  1. when i get to the RC input screen i dont see my controller. my tx is paired to the rx. it just says follow the instructions on screen. and there are none. back and next are greyed out only cancel is an option. on my tx the only thing registering in the right stick. when moved to the right or up it changes from pmw input chanel 2 to 3. im so lossed please help me out here.

  2. There are WAY to many details missed in this instructional video, moves to fast with little setup steps. If that was the intent, then you should state this as quick setup. E.G. in the ESC setup section you have the user attach a LIPO battery, arm and test, then step 7 states to remove the LIPO. The video (and it's clear you need it) shows the LIPO still connected.

  3. Setting up a quad like this is no big deal to me but this isn't very user-friendly for the first timer. Can get confusing during setup. This is what makes the Traxxas Aton so appealing, it's ready to go out the box though I personally think it's overpriced.


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