REWIND 2017 | One YEAR with my DJI MAVIC PRO


GEAR I USE: ▻DJI STORE: ▻I Licensed this music via (Get 2 months for free via this link) ▻EARN more with GENIUSLIN…


  1. Hiya, I greatly admire your work and being a newbie in this area, I'm keen to know what video editor you use to create your masterpiece' please ? I have a pc and looking at a starting point to edit videos, use luts and to create great cinematic video footage. Thanks in advance 🙂

  2. Hello, I really liked your channel and its tips are being very effective for me, seeing this video I came up with a doubt and if you can heal it I would be very grateful! How do you pick up some ambient sounds such as motorcycle or bird sounds and then include it in the video? Would it be a mic external to the drono on the spot or do you get those audios from any website? Thank you!

  3. Pozdrav "susjed". Dali mi možeš dati preporuku za neki dobar amaterski program za uređivanje filmova. Za dva dana mi stiže dron DJI SPARK pa da se pripremim malo. Ne mislim se time baviti profesionalno, više povremeno iz hobija, pa mi treba nešto jednostavno. Hvala i pozdrav iz Ičića. Super su ti snimke, svaka čast i drago mi je da si iz Rijeke 🙂

  4. I love your drone footage, good to see another person getting all the cinematic goodness out of a DJI product! Also a fellow artlist user. Feel free to check out my channel! Keep it up Mauro


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