Review: UDI U818A WiFi FPV RC Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera


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  1. Crap, how many versions are there of this drone? I have a u818a wifi fpv 720 HD camera upgrade with Altitude Hold Mode. The box looks almost the same, but not quite. At least I found this app, since flywhatever wouldn't work for me. I flew the drone for 2 days before a motor (and apparently the receiver board) burned out on me. My UDI experience has not been good, but at least I'm not bitter. Now I just have to figure out what to do with this custom case, extra batteries, and spare parts.

  2. Ive got this and its a sweet little drone.
    easy as 123 to use. did buy an other 6 batteries and always take out my giant batterie pack.
    so when walking with the misses gives it time to charge up the batteries that are used.
    I also love that when it falls from a hight it does not break.
    ive had it up as high as 200 feet although it says 40 feet range.
    does get bullied by wind but once you have it on the 2nd speed it does respond so well.
    got this for christmas and been out at least twice a week with it and indoors everyday use and not yet changed the blades.
    brilliant 1st drone and at an amazing price.

  3. So the company sent you a drone to review, and you couldn't find any cons for it? Did you mean cons at all, or cons for the price? Because I would struggle to call that video HD, and the Field of View was pretty poor

  4. I had the previous version which you also reviewed. I just got this one. The batteries for the elder version do not have the same connectors , so you can't use them one the one you are reviewing.

  5. I received this drone today, seems like headless mode is not working for me. I press the button on the remote, but rather than the drone incidator light turning off and entereing into headless mode as the instructions suggest.. I press the button and the drone indicator light flashes like a strobe light and the drone does not go into headless mode. Has anyone else had this problem? Am I doing something wrong or missing a step? Thanks in advance. I love the fluidity of flight and video quality of this drone, but would really like headless mode to work.

  6. When I push the headless mode button the the Remote Control It just beeps how do I know it's actually in headless mode? I need the headless mode for the return home button also right?

  7. Good basic review: clear and concise with good narration and technical skills in filming/editing in the video.
    Actually helps this adult with limited R/C experience select a first UAV with which to learn and practice before moving up to a $1500 camera drone.
    Subscribed 🙂


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